The ACLO fencing course

G.S.S.V. Donar 1881 is affiliated with the ACLO. The ACLO arranges accommodation and a fencing teacher. They also provide subsidies for new equipment. In return all members of Donar must also be members of the ACLO.

More information about the ACLO can be found on the ACLO website.

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The ACLO fencing course

The ACLO fencing course will be given four times a year. Each course will take ten weeks. Every training session will take about 1.5 hours. All sessions of the course are given by the same teacher, who is also present at regular Donar trainings: Rink Hooijsma.
The course is meant for absolute beginners in fencing. Every lesson will start with warming up and footwork. During each training, new exercises in fencing skills will be taught. The exercises consist of attack and defense routines. Fencing will be taught mainly on épée, but there will also be a few lessons on sabre. The main focus will be on technique. This is fundamental for fencing. Whenever possible the training will end with a few short matches.

ACLO course versus club training

The ACLO course differs from the regular training in a few ways. Although both trainings start with warming up and footwork, during the regular training you will be more free to fence with whomever you like. The fencing teacher will be around to give individual training. If you are not just interested in fencing, but also in the club, please feel free to join us for a training!

Sign up for the ACLO course

To enrol in the ACLO course, you must be a member of the ACLO. This will cost you € 52 per year. A few weeks before the start of the ACLO course you sign up. When there are more entries than available spots, the spots are randomly given out. Paying a small deposit is required for participating in the course. Your deposit will be refunded if you do not miss more than two lessons.

More info: Course periods ACLO