Tournaments by G.S.S.V. Donar 1881

Because there are no regular fencing competitions in the Netherlands, going to tournaments is the best way to fence against other people. Tournaments are organized all over the Netherlands throughout the year. Some of our members often go to a few of these tournaments.

However, we at Donar also organize our own tournaments.

fencing at the beer tournament

The International Donar Tournament

One of the largest fencing tournaments in the Netherlands is the International Donar Tournament. Every year about a hundred fencers participate in this tournament. Foreign clubs also enter. In 2009 about twenty fencers from the army of Venezuela joined our tournament. This two-day event is organized every year on all three weapons.

The tournament will be organized for the 35th time in 2015. This makes it one of the oldest tournaments in the Netherlands. The tournament is an official KNAS-cup tournament. The results of the tournament affects your ranking.

The Beer Tournament

The Beer Tournament ('Het Ranzig Studenten Toernooi') is a tournament which will be held at night in a bar in Groningen. It is a typical tournament, by students for students. The pleasure of fencing and drinking beer are combined. The tournament consists of two activities: an épée equipe tournament and the legendary beer stabbing. This makes the tournament a unique activity in the Netherlands.

The Club Championship

At the end of the year we organise the club championship. Every member of the club is invited to participate. Besides honour, you can also win a medal and the club championship cup.