Regular training

We have 2 training sessions per week, mixed of both beginners and experienced fencers. Each training starts with a good warming-up, followed by dynamic stretching exercises. Once a week, we follow up these exercises with circuit training to work on our general endurance and strength.

The second part of our sessions focuses on fencing-specific exercises. We start with a footwork drill where we practice covering a large distance quickly with fencing steps and lunges. After that, our coaches sometimes choose to do technical exercises, where we practice specific attacks, feints and defenses. We make sure to pair up beginners with more experienced fencers who can help with the technicalities of specific exercises.

We end with the most fun part, free fencing! Members play short matches with electrical equipment against each other, and beginners are free to fence against more experienced fencers or match up against other beginners, whatever maximizes fencing enjoyment. During this time, our coaches also give individual classes to a number of fencers, improving sword technique, timing and distance. 

The people who aren't fencing generally do target practice, footwork drills, or just talk to each other.

To find out about the training regulations during COVID-19, check out this page

Trial Training

You can participate in a few of our training sessions before you join our club, so feel free to come by and meet us! You don't need any prior fencing experience to be able to join. Our club has people with little prior sports experience and more experienced athletes. In order to join, all you need is normal sportswear (long sports trousers recommended) and non-staining sports shoes. You can use all the fencing equipment you need from the club. Our board, coaches and also club members are very welcoming and will make sure you will have a fun time trying out fencing.

If you want to participate in a lot of tournaments throughout a fencing season, we do advise you to buy you own equipment. And trust us, once you have your own sword you will never want to use another ;)

When you are convinced about becoming one of us, you can ask one of the board members for the sign up form.